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In this Site you can search 40,000 images using your mouse only!
The biggest challenge in writing the software for a library of thousands of images about Thailand is how to search them.
The usual system of using English keywords here fails for 2 reasons:
- Thai names have far too many English renderings and hardly an official one.
- Thai names are hard to remember, much easier to choose from a selected list. ...more
My Work
Just few samples of my hobby

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I am currently based in Bangkok, Thailand.
Beside traditional stock photos, I offer a vast range of services like:

Photographic assignments

360 degrees panorama photography

Virtual Tours

Decorative prints

Websites design and coding in HTML, CSS3, Javascript, PHP (i.e. this website)

Database mySQL, SQL

  Alberto Cassio (08-18497086)


...just imagine all spelling possibilities for a name like "Prachuapkhirikan"..., so not having Google resources I decided against a text search and grouped all my images in a structure with 3 levels of precision.


You can think of my home page as a listing of 23 filing cabinets with an iconic large image.

A Cabinet contains Drawers and a drawer contains Folders.

Clicking a name in the home page brings up a new page with a list of available Drawers headed by the cabinet's name in the upper case.

Clicking the Header brings up all images available (50 thumbnails each page). Agriculture in the above sample.

Drawer name starts with ♦ , clicking it produces a list of available Folders: Fruits in the example. (A Drawer should contain at least 30 images).

Clicking a Folder will display a more precise selection. Banana in my example.

Beaches, Shrines, Temples are ordered Geographically by Province Name.

When an image is listed in more than one Cabinet (Wat Arun is in Temples, Old Photo and Bangkok) all related names will appear as References.

Clicking a thumbnail pops up a larger image and its keywords. In turn, all keywords are searchable. This is great for Thai names rendered in English!

If you like to use a picture save it in "My Selection" and email it to me for pricing and availability. Please do not forget to type in your email address!

This is how the whole collection is accessible by mouse clicks only.

I like to hear your comments; please write at 3918187@gmail.com

Alberto Cassio