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The biggest challenge in writing the software for a library of 43,000 images on Thailand is how to search for them. The usual system of typing an English keyword fails for 2 reasons.

So not having Google resources I decided to forget about text search and present my images in a structured way with 3 levels of choices.
Cabinet->Drawers->Folders or Agriculture->Fruit->Banana for example

You can visualize my website as an office with 23 filing cabinets named and listed in the opening page. Each cabinet has an iconic large image.
My filing cabinets will then contain drawers and a drawer will contain folders. Clicking a cabinet in the opening page will display an alphabetically ordered list of drawers in a new page.
Heading the list is the cabinet name in capital letters.
Clicking the Header will display all thumbnails in this cabinet (50 a page)
Agriculture in this sample.

Drawers names start with ♦ Clicking a drawer will display all thumbnails in that drawer and a list of folders if a drawer contains more than 30 photos.
Fruits in the example.
Clicking a folder will display a more precise selection.
Banana in my example.

Beaches, Shrines, Temples are ordered geographically by province name.
Note that when an image is listed in more than one cabinet (wat Arun is in Temples, Old photo, Bangkok) the other cabinet names will appear as reference

This is how the whole collection is accessible by mouse clicks only.

Furthermore clicking a thumbnail will pop up an enlargement with choices to keep/remove the image in MySelection.
All keywords assigned to the image are listed at the bottom.
Clicking a keyword will trigger a search across the whole database.
Clicking MySelection will pop a window and the possibility to send it to me for evaluation and a price quotation.
Please do not forget to type in your email address!

I like to hear your comments, please write at

Alberto Cassio

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